How does it work?

BTR Therapy is a quick process and can be resolved in 1 to 3 sessions and usually carried out in my treatment room close to Hemel Hempstead Train Station.  If needed we can arrange a home visit.

After initial consultation we discuss the birth trauma and how it affects you on a daily basis and set some treatment goals.  This appointment usually takes 60-90 minutes and sometimes this is enough for you to debrief and for me to help aid clarity to your experience.  As a practising midwife I am able to answer your questions and explain areas that may not have been explained to you at the time or may have been blocked from your memory.  After this appointment we work together to see if you would benefit from further sessions and there is no obligation for you to continue treatment and I would encourage you to see how you feel over the days after our appointment and work from there.

If you require another session this is based on using relaxation and breathing techniques to allow you to enter a state of deep relaxation, this is important to recode the memory pattern.  I will ask you to tell me about your favourite place in nature with as much detail as you can and will send you an audio recording ahead of the second appointment.  With practise this will allow you to enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation and then we use the ‘rewind technique’.  This is a proven technique pioneered by the Human Givens Institute and is safest, least intrusive and most reliably effective psychological intervention for treating trauma (Human Givens, 2019).

The ‘rewind technique’ works as the trauma memory is trapped in the part of the brain that cannot apply logic to and continues to trigger the fight or flight response (panic attacks, flashbacks, intrusive memories etc).  By neutralising the emotion attached to the memory this allows the brain to create a narrative to the event and can then be stored as a memory without the emotional tag that creates the re-living of the trauma.

BTR Therapy is safe to use in pregnancy and the perfect time to release trauma and prepare you for the birth of your baby by using a positive birth rehearsal technique.

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